About Us

About Us

Chairman's Message

Chairman's Vision: Excellence in Medical Education and Healthcare Our vision at HIND INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES is to offer top-tier, specialized medical education that meets and surpasses national and international standards. Our commitment is to nurture healthcare professionals equipped with expertise at the forefront of global practices. Hind Hospital, our 900-bedded Super Specialty Hospital situated in Lucknow Metro, boasts state-of-the-art facilities including well-equipped ICU, PICU, NICU, Blood Bank, and Major Surgical Departments. Our aim is to deliver exceptional health services, ensuring optimal care for every patient. Furthermore, our hospital's vision aligns with our core values. We aspire to extend superior healthcare services to underserved communities, offering quality treatment at minimal costs. We're dedicated to enhancing accessibility and affordability for those in need, underscoring our commitment to serving all segments of society.

Day in the life of Our Students

From dawn to dusk, our students embrace a bustling rhythm. Mornings start with varied routines—some eager for the day’s adventures, others savoring quiet moments. Classes, discussions, and collaborative projects fill their days, weaving a tapestry of learning and exploration. Beyond academics, vibrant extracurriculars foster talents and friendships. The campus buzzes with diverse activities, creating a tight-knit community. Evenings bring reflection—study sessions, social gatherings, or moments of personal growth. As night falls, amidst shared laughter or quiet contemplation, they find solace and prepare for the promise of a new day’s opportunities.

Our Courses

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